We are hyped to introduced London-based love-duo Wanderland with their debut single ‘Soon’.

The pair are close to the heart of the herd, as vocalist and composer Natalie Wildgoose has been a GOAT member since day one. Her effervescent use of tone across rhythm blesses all of our ears and we drip into somnambulant keys and synths at the hands of Matt Robinson.

Wanderland have been sleeping in their imagination while composing a five track EP to be released 16 July this year. The project has garnered a lot of interest already, with BBC Introducing selecting the single as Record of the Week. ‘Soon’ is “tonic for the soul”, so slink deeply into this slice of world prepared and cared for with transparent fingers holding every harmony and jazz trip your head could need.

Listen and download here: https://song.link/zsfdwvgg6r9nq

2020 saw the release of Febueder's critically praised debut album ‘Tomalin Has Etched In’ and two breakout performances on COLORS, now the duo return with "May Sun". Ahead of their first joint appearance in print for GOAT issue 03.


The invigorating single arrives at a perfect juncture, as the seasons change and we begin to emerge from a pandemic. The uplifting track is about coming through a period of difficulty into the light. Samuel Keysell (GOAT issues 02 and 03), who for the first time sings lead on "May Sun", explains "The track is about stopping the act of taking on people's pains and worries and making them your own. A reminder to recognise beauty and optimism for the future. Like the May sun signaling an approaching summer, brighter things are ahead."

The innocent timbre of the kitschy keyboard, the overjoyed alto, mirthful bass and peppy percussion are the defining aspects of this bold and brilliant single. “It’s about hope” Kieran Godfrey (GOAT 03) expounds. "That feeling was a requisite. We decided very close to finishing the single that it’s better to remain cheerful as merriment is an uncommon evocation in our music; it's exciting to continually uplift without forcing it." 

The stop-motion music video, directed by Samuel Keysell, embodies the track’s spirit of rejuvenation.  The floral arrangements bursting to life, showcasing at it’s simplest level, life’s cyclical nature and the opportunity to always emerge anew.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0ikEmlqC2me3yeACEk3NRl?si=0e2e7031786d4762

PCM is the sophomore single from skttrd, an audiovisual collective run out of Big Limbo Studio by henry white - self released 10th May 2021.


skttrd seeks to combine the twin threads of transcendental techno and uk jazz to create a sound reflective of the london audioscape, using acoustic and electronic instruments in tandem - with visuals from a style dubbed 'urban expressionism' as accompanying pieces for every track.


PCM is the first release from 2021's round of work, with 2 further singles in the next months, followed by a full length album of other tracks. all of these songs have accompanying videos, creating a rich, abstract audiovisual world to explore


PCM was written by henry white , co-produced with Daniel Kinde at Big Limbo Studio, who also plays drums on the track, and mastered by Alex Batchelor at Rhythm Section Studio.


The video sees a first-person protagonist on an expressive journey across London on a night bus, with reflections as memories floating around - are we on a bus? or on the street? north? south? both? a giant orb appears with the acoustic pianos in the track, before the urban landscape begins to melt away into a flashing memory of a night out. the whole video has a dark-blue, urban expressive feel.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Mqh0O8PBT0Wrzn6qF9zY2

GOAT welcomed our first resident to our studio, ORi Berlin, in March 2021. Sabin Meco spent 10 days with us in the studio working on his painting project, started last year in Vienna. Meco works predominantly in acrylics on paper and canvas at his studio in Vienna, Bagage, shared with a host of multimedia artists he met in the city over the past four years.

We spoke to Meco about his project, the painting process and the experience of working into photographs, print and magazines while unable to access his larger studio space and media during the city lockdown.

Find out more about Sabin Meco and his work via his instagram: @guztavo_ganzo

More info on our residency programme here.

GOAT favourites James Topley, Hana Hrzic, Tarquin Ramsay and Ivo Beckett launch their first video today under newly established production company, Crash House. Crash House is a creative production company specialising in innovative filmmaking from upcoming creative talent.


JACUZZI is the first film from Crash House, launching 19 April 2021: Two chemistry graduates synthesise a brand-new super-hallucinogen for a shadowy pharmaceutical corporation. After watching a hysterical news report on the social impact this mystery drug is having, the scientists decide try it for themselves and throw an insane, mind-bending  party for their friends, unaware that they are being constantly monitored by the murderous company boss. 

Directed by: James Topley 

Produced by: Hana Hrzic & Tarquin Ramsay 

Executive Producer: Ivo Beckett 

Edited by: Ivo Beckett

DOP: Richard Taylor 

Gaffer: Oliver Scott

AC 1: Henry White 

AC 2: Marko Steinberg 

Super 8: Joel Kerr 

Art Director: Molly Crisp

Costumer Director: Edie Ashley

Visual Effects by: Ivo Beckett 

Sound Designer: Ivo Beckett 

Caterer: Abigail Kaufman


Kate: Kate Crisp 

Fran: Franscesca Thesen  

Extras: Pia Valentiner, Rebecca Gilpin, Chris Moss, Polly Howard, Louis Munroe, Gregg Fellows, Edie Ashley, Ivo Beckett, Joel Kerr,

Rory Coppin, Billy Clarke, Abigail Kaufman, Will Cover, Tarquin Ramsay, Hana Hrzic, Edie Ashley, James Topley 

Crash House will focus on developing and producing content for young adult audiences all over the world with a particular interest in alternate technologies, social impact storytelling and current affairs. To kick off 2021, we're going to be very busy. Crash House is starting with a development slate of several shorts and documentaries exploring class inequality, the Lithium resource curse and Cuba. 

If you like what you see with JACUZZI, please donate towards their campaign raising funds for the next music video CASHMERE. Donate here: https://igg.me/at/cashmere

Natalie Wildgoose releases her debut single "You" with a film produced by Upstart Productions. Natalie Wildgoose has been a proud GOAT since day 0, back in 2019, so we are thrilled to present her latest work.


Download and stream her single on all platforms here: https://song.link/i/1553538624


Composer and Vocals - Natalie Wildgoose

Piano and Rhodes - Antonio Naccache

Synths - Matt Robinson

Bass - Hugo Piper

Guitar - Tara Cunningham

Drums - Dave Hamblett

Mix and Recording Engineer - Giles Barret

Master - Frank Arkwright

Spirit Twin release new music video “Savior” via Brooklyn based Record Label nexus8 on March 24th, 2021. The duo worked with Director Andy Boyle to visualize a world where technology and biology intersect. The video finds Spirit Twin in an apocalyptic environment, overrun by waste and human consumption. The duo remain cautious as they maneuver through the foreign landscape, until they come across special laser headpieces that give them superhuman strength. Together, with technology, they create an unbreakable bond that fully and ultimately unites them.


Spirit Twin partnered with designer Alex Yarally to create a custom wardrobe for the music video, made entirely out of eco-friendly materials.


Brooklyn-based duo, Spirit Twin, explore alternate states of consciousness and spirituality to make their distinct brand of synthesized sorcery. Members Anna and Allen describe their fateful meeting as a union of musically compatible souls. Anna's angelic vocals complement Allen's expansive production to create a singular sound that feels truly out of this world. Their catalogue is a journey through enchanting synthesizers, haunting harmonies, and the many shapes of love. It's a collection of deeply personal tracks that recount the duo's many journeys together.


Spirit Twin released their self-titled debut album on February 20th, 2020. Their work has been featured by Paper, Nylon, Earmilk and Billboard. They are responsible for producing the Spirit World Virtual Music Festival and heading the nexus8 record label.

Aire de Repos video premiere: 17 March 2021

Oumuamua ouvre son EP avec le single « Aires de repos ». Les pancartes scintillantes desbaires de repos affichées le long des 142 autoroutes nous emmènent aux quatre coins de l’hexagone. Oumuamua n'a pas le projet de les renommer. Bien au contraire, cette track nous sert un spleen enivrant d’autoroutes lumineuses qui dévalent, rythmées par des stations- services, et des signalisations routières multicolores où crépite le mystère. L'aire de repos, telle une oasis factice est un lieu qui véhicule les faux semblants et toutes les promesses. Où retrouver du calme dans un monde qui fuse ?! Que faire sur l'autoroute sinon la fuir ? S’y prélasser ? N’oubliez pas vos clignotants ...

Oumuamua open their EP with the single “Aires de repos”. The glittering signs of the gas stations displayed along the 142 highways take us to the four corners of France. Oumuamua don't plan to rename them. On the contrary, this track gives us an intoxicating 'spleen; of luminous highways that descend, punctuated by gas stations, and multicolored road signs
where mystery crackles. The rest area, like a fictitious oasis, is a place that conveys pretenses and all promises. Where to find calm in a world that is melting away ?! What to do on the highway if not flee it? Lounging there? Don't forget your turn signals.

Jérôme Langenieux / Chant

Virgile Dailcroix / Basse

Léo Hatte / Guitare

Thomas Chatel / Clavier

Lucas Depersin / Batterie


Joel Kerr - Réalisateur

Lily Ashley - Performance

Edie Ashley - Costume

Samuel Keysell - 1er Assistant


© Studio des murmures 2021

Hyped to share with you brand new from our friends Public Display of Affection at home in Berlin. P.D.O.A. release their first single 'Rose' with video by Lewis Lloyd and interview with our editor Sisi Savidge over on Coeval.


Help support the band with a limited edition shirt here: https://everpress.com/pdoa-rose

Support by buying their debut single here: https://pdoalive.bandcamp.com/track/rose 📀

Track produced by Pierre Somville, recorded at Big Snuff, Berlin 2020 Mastered by Rupert Clervaux


Shot at Polyphony, Sexauer Gallery, Urban Spree, Baketown and on location in Berlin, summer 2020.


Shot by Lewis Lloyd, Madeleine Rose Munk, Anna Weusmann


Edited by Lewis Lloyd (http://lewislloyd.world​)


Grading by Lita Bosch 


Pieces by Olivia Ballard @oliviaballardballard


Green alien by Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz @leondziemaszkiewicz


Paintings by Michał Andrysiak @andryiszku & @jonas.waldelius


Super8 footage by @Jascha_Hase


 A big thanks to Music Board Berlin, who made this project possible 💸


Booking enquiries: josh@milk-me.com


IG: @p.d.o.a.live

Produktion Produktion is a collective by Emy May and Flora Fee that was founded to bring out new projects. We are partners in crime, ginger consumers, music lovers, self-made producers. Our Youtube series AUTPUT brings the Austrian music scene across borders. One musician, one song, one new team, one video, one new format. The videos move to the tunes of the Austrian music scene.


Instead of a question and answer game like in the classic interview, we experiment with the portrait format to find a form of expression that fits the different artist personalities. New worlds are created of images, different themes and sounds. The formats of the videos could not be more different. But one thing unites them - the creation of a personal
portrait. In the second episode of AUTPUT we get lost to the world with Wandl. We are living in his song.


I am lost to the world.


Wandl is in his retreat - a house on the countryside. A place where he can pour out feelings - to then transform them into music. We are in his house, under his skin. Filled with thoughts, sounds, memories, feelings. We are inside the musician. Sound and video create a mood picture, which becomes darker and darker, more and more profound.


The song "Requiem", from his recently released album "Womb" heralds redemption.

I am lost to the world. Wandl's hideaway - a house in the countryside. A place where he lets out his feelings - to then transform them into music. We are inside his house, under his skin. Filled with thoughts, sounds, memories, feelings. We are inside the musician. The vibe of sound and video becomes darker and darker, deeper and deeper. The song "Requiem", from his recently released album "Womb" heralds redemption. Lyrics – I am lost to the world – Friedrich Rückert für Gustav Mahler I am lost to the world With which I used to waste much time; I am dead to the world’s tumult And rest in a quiet realm! I live alone in my heaven, In my love, in my song!


WANDL: https://www.instagram.com/wandlinger/https://open.spotify.com/artist/09rIa...


Song: Requiem (from the new Album Womb) https://open.spotify.com/track/35rXFG...


Produktion Produktion: https://www.instagram.com/prod.produk...


Presented by Byte Fm and GOAT Magazine https://www.byte.fm/

We are so proud to premiere the newest video from Berlin-based emmae following last week's track release, Sounds of Sorrow, along with an intimate interview for Coeval Magazine. Today, Lucas Fiederling's sensitive photography combines both digital and 16mm film to illustrate emmae's most vulnerable and honest song to date. Shot in the countryside around Berlin, the video pays homage to the cabin fever and exaggerated wanderlust of current times, while carefully allowing space for emmae's lyrics to finish the picture.

Team credits:


Directed by @lucasfiederling
Director of Photography - @lucasfiederling
Gaffer - @joranjost
Styling - emmae & @ultracrazyboys2006
PA's - @vanessalinden & @catarssis
Art Direction- emmae
Editor - @lucasfiederling
BTS Photography - @loralio
BTS Videography - @ultracrazyboys2006
Gear provided by - Filmdas, @manuelschamberger, @gerritpiechowski, Tectum Rent
Produced by @peregrinefilms

Song Credits:

Music written by by emmae
Recording Engineer - @miles.deiaco
Production - @_olmo__
Mixing - @miles.deiaco
Mastering - Streaky
Guitar - @teezknees
Bass - @dakliss
Drums - @_badkuzu
Violin - @kaio_m_
Recorded at Monoton Studio, Berlin


Today Febueder return with their haunting and cinematic new cut ‘Nea Kameni’. The new single follows the band’s standout performances of Réseau and Morning Yawn on COLORS last month. Known for their unique and expressive style, Febueder walk the listener into another world with this intricately crafted, mature new track - born from an extended vacation in Greece which sparked metaphorical inspiration.

Speaking more on the track, Kieran shares: "It began as a vacation lament due to airport strikes in Greece. My wife and I stayed at Santorini for an additional week, so we visited the volcano, Nea Kameni.

Nea Kameni was geographically a part of Santorini once. It's like a relationship that breaks up, but you're still in sight of that person, still in awe of that person."

The video was filmed by Olivia Weincke on the Island of Santorini. The dancing silhouette a metaphor for a past memory swirling in one’s mind. Still in sight but out of reach.

Febueder (pronounced Fe-byou-der) is an avant-indie duo hailing from Ascot, UK. The band is made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Keysell. Their name is more than a made-up appellation, it’s the palette from which they present their emotionally deft songwriting and progressive approach to rhythm and melody.

Earlier this year Febueder released their debut album ‘Tomalin Has Etched In’. Since 2013, this innovative group has been on ever-evolving journey which has received much critical acclaim, including nods from the likes of NME, DIY, Complex, Wonderland, Clash and The Line of Best Fit.

Like many artists, Febueder have had to postpone their upcoming tour (see dates and venues below) due to the Corona outbreak. Follow the band on social media for rescheduling and updates;  Instagram / Facebook / Spotify

Catch 'Nea Kameni' on all listening platforms (also available to download) here: http://smarturl.it/rumls6