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GOAT was founded in 2019 by Sisi Savidge after graduating art school in the summer of 2018. Savidge looked around in panic, terror and exhaultation knowing that the blissful years past would be screeching to a halt. unless she could do something about it. She wanted to continue enjoying the art school studio conviviality into the real world; making work, listening to and creating music and drinking beers while working together on projects and critiquing our fellow artists and peers in a messy yet productive environment.


GOAT was created with the intention of inspiring authentic, original and interesting content made by artists, for anyone. We do not use advertising, shy away from fast journalism and consumer culture and work with charities to ensure we utilise our platform in the best ways possible.

GOAT funds itself using a circular economy model, essentially through hosting live events and nights of music and film. We work with small venues and local vendors, as well as with up-and-coming musicians and artists to promote cross-disciplinary works and transference of skills within our network.

GOAT was founded in London and has been based in Berlin since late 2020. We also operate in Vienna and are always open to increasing our landmass. We work with over 50 artists from New York to Cape Town to Sydney to Vienna to London and back. We are open, equal opportunities and financially transparent (all records available on request). All of our employees are paid over the London Living Wage. We work with individuals and collectives over corporations.

Our dream is to create a global artistic network based in core values of community, shared resource, love, fiesta and anti-capitalist motive. One day, we will have a huge house for the herd and you'll never see any of us again.